PVC Curtain Data Centre

PVC Curtain Data Centre Info

A PVC curtain data centre is a common cheap solution to cold or hot aisle containment, and from over 6 years experience in data centre enclosures we have seen poor versions of this type of product and good versions.

The generic PVC curtain product are a very good product for Room temperature applications as well as freezer rooms but as soon as they are implemented into a data center several problems arise.

They are designed for (Usually Freezer applications)

  • Low temperature
  • Low humidity
  • Low air pressure applications

Data Centers are, so a specialised product is required.

  • High temperature (Especially when cold aisle containment is used)
  • High Humidity
  • High Air Pressure

The net effect of these temperatures and humidity after time is:

  • Health implications (High temperature and humidity speed up the release of volatile organic compounds in PVC)
  • They leak a considerable amount of air.  Air tightness is a problem.
  • They warp and distort in high humidity and high temperatures (enabling further air leakage)
  • curtains eventually fall off their hangers onto the floor
  • they crack and break due to the high humidity

The health implications when PVC is exposed to high humidity, high temperatures are quite serious.  New PVC curtains have a strong “new” smell.  The whiff of bad air you get from PVC is called polyvinyl chloride and its emission is accelerated with high humidity.

We have a range of products with low VOC designed for data centre applications.

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