NABERS for Data Centres

NABERS for Data Centres

With data Centres comsuming 2% of the worlds energy, its easy to understand why Nabers would focus an energy star rating on these types of buildings.

A recent Survey conducted by Fujitsu toward IT managers and CIO found:

  • 70% of respondents were not aware of their energy bill and consumption patterns.
  • 80% do not consider power usage effectiveness or data centre infrastructure effectiveness
  • Australia is ranked one of the lowest in measuring green IT effectiveness


Getting a data centre rated under NABERS enables you to compare your data centre energy use compared to other peers in the industry.

An energy management strategy together with monitoring and reporting allows the business to keep ontop of potential problems and manage energy usage in the business.

Data Centre computer equipment is one of the most logical places to look for energy savings but infrastructure which is the life support system for the data center is an extremely effective place to focus on.

Cold Aisle containment can offer

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Remove hot spots
  • Stabilize Temp/Hum conditions
  • Reduce CRAC loads & servicing
  • Improve reliability of IT Infrastructure
  • Return on investment within 1 year

Using the NABERS Data Centre rating System

Companies can promote green initiatives and gain market recognition

For more information, Go to the Data Centre Nabers Website

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