Fire Integrity Room Testing

Integrity Room test Manometer and Fan in Melbourne

Fire Integrity Room Testing is really important, and its also mandatory.

Australian Standards AS4214

Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems and AS1851 – “Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems & Equipment” both require room integrity testing to be completed for “total flood” gaseous suppression system installations. Under these standards, room integrity is required to be tested initially as part of system commissioning, and then re-tested annually.

To ensure a Gas fire suppression system operates as effectively as possible should it go off its good practice to get the room air tight.  Having said that depending on the gas fire suppression system, it is also important for the room not too be too air tight because of extreme pressures that the room can be exposed should an event occur.  In these cases a relief vent is crucial otherwise walls can be blown out/damaged.

Integrity Room Test in MelbourneWe are trained and certified to undertake Fire integrity testing, while at the same time we can provide solutions for improving the energy efficiency of your computer room, with the use of integrity testing, and thermal imaging, finding leakage points and uninsulated areas.

We test the room, if it fails we will fix it, if it passes, we provide you a report, that complies to standards.

The report details:

  • Room volume
  • Initial gas concentration
  • Minimum protected equipment height
  • Predicted agent retention time
  • The type of Protection (Descending Interface, Continual Mixing, Extended Discharge)
  • Photographic/Thermal Image Identification of leakage paths from the room (e.g. cable penetrations, walls, doors, windows, dampers, ductwork etc) which may require improved sealing.

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