Data Center Cold Aisle Containment

Data Center Cold Aisle Containment

Fixed Data Center Cold Aisle Containment

Cold Aisle containment is recognised all over the world as one of the most cost effective ways of reducing data center operational costs.

As a part of the newly released NABERS Data Center rating tool, one of the tips that have been documented to improve data centre infrastructure services specify the addition of hot/cold aisle containment.

Improving your NABERS Data Center Energy Star Rating Tips

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the eco Server Room Cold Aisle Containment system works by enclosing the cold aisle with a combination of sliding doors and transparent roof panels with removable 6mm Lexan Polycarbonate or perspex infills that can easily be retro-fitted and customized to your existing infrastructure. Empty spaces within the racks can be accommodated with free standing panels. With the cold aisle enclosed, there is no chance of the hot exhaust air mixing with the cold inlet air. Incoming cold air can then be directed to the front air intakes of the computer equipment. The energy savings are derived from reducing the compressor run time by raising the supply air temperature as the conditioned air being supplied to the equipment and enclosed within the Enclosure is at a more constant temperature and humidity. With lower and more constant temperature being supplied to the equipment results in a reduced power draw through the server fans. One of the more noticeable effects of Cold Aisle Containment is the significant reduction in the ambient noise making the environment more comfortable for operators. The efficiency of the system can be further improved through our range of hi-flow perforated floor tiles, blanking panels and through sealing the cable entry points with our range of KoldLock brushed floor grommets. Through these improvements, higher density loads can be installed in each rack with energy consumption reductions of between 25% – 35%. These savings accrue through the air conditioning efficiency improvements, closing the equipment spaces in the racks and eliminating bypass air by sealing the cable entries underfloor.

Cold Aisle Containment benefits:

  • Prevents hot and cold air from mixing
  • Can be custom designed to fit in with your existing infrastructure
  • Inexpensive performance enhancement to your existing infrastructure
  • Increases the cooling capacity of existing air cooling units and decreases compressor operating time
  • Enables air cooling units to be operated at optimum thermal efficiency levels thereby reducing consumption and costs
  • Can also be used with liquid cooling
  • Consistent air supply direct to servers
  • Predictable cooling capacity for each cold aisle which can easily be adjusted replacing perforated floor tiles
  • Enables higher density server loads
  • Improved performance and reliability of computer equipment

There are three possible forms of Cold Aisle Containment:

  • Mobile Enclosures (Enclosure is made for each individual rack and is maneuvered around the floor when access to the front of the rack is required.)
  • Enclosed Cell (Standard Fixed Enclosures)
  • Vertical Infilling (fixed enclosure up to the ceiling)

We provide engineered solutions for all forms of Cold and Hot aisle containment in the data centre as well as other applications in other industries.

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