Cold/Hot Aisle Containment Tips

Cold/Hot Aisle Containment Tips
Data Centre Floor penetrationsecoServerRoom has over 6 years experience in cold/hot Aisle Containment.   As a part of all our jobs we provide the following cold/hot Aisle containment tips for implementation into a data centre or server room.
How, to do cold/hot aisle containment right:
  1. Take your doors off your racks.  This allows more efficient ventilation of equipment.
  2. Real savings are realized when your whole data center has cold or hot aisle containment implemented.
  3. Ensure your solution is as Air tight as possible.  PVC curtains bend and move allowing air to escape.  Ensure air tightness of your solution is to a high level.  eg. rack infill panels installed, rack skirts, installed and rack cable penetration infills implemented.
  4. Ensure all equipment is aligned to hot/cold aisle requirements.  Thermal imaging can assist with ensuring equipment is correctly aligned.
  5. False Floor Air tightness.  Any Cable penetrations, floor perimeter and service penetrations through floors should be as air tight as possible after cold aisle containment has been implemented.
  6. Door closure is critical when entering and exiting a rack enclosure solution.  Motor controlled solutions are an extremely worth while addition to cold or hot aisle containment.
  7. Before installation of cold aisle containment its extremely worth while to complete an air balancing survey. (audit air grills through out the data center or computer room to ensure correct air pressure is available and ensuring all air grills are pushing air into enclosures only.

Example Thermal Imaging

Raised floor leakage thermal imagingMisaligned equipment in cold aisle Thermal imaging

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