• Fire Integrity Room Testing
    • Mandatory annual Integrity Room Testing
    • Thermal imaging insulation consistency
    • Finding air leaks
  • Return on Investment

    Return on Investment

    • In Large scale installs a return on investment can be realized within a year.
    • Flexible financing solutions are available.
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Benefits of Cold Aisle Containment

Interesting facts from the 2010 IDC Infrastructure Survey of 1,000+ server rooms worldwide.

  • Over 65% of IT equipment failures are directly attributed to inadequate, poorly maintained or failed air conditioning in the server room.
  • The A/C costs of an average server room with 30 KW of air conditioning operating at 70% capacity with an average cost of 12.7 c/kWh will be $23,000pa and 243 tonnes of green-house gas will be produced.
  • Based on current electricity price increases and the carbon levy this cost could rise by up to 67% in the next 3 years.
  • Air conditioning efficiency improvements can reduce this cost by up to 35%.


Dual Bay Datacentre EnclosureThe primary cause of A/C inefficiency is the mixing of the cold conditioned air and the hot exhaust air. Separating the air flows will deliver:-

  • Stabilised Temperature/Humidity levels
  • Efficiency of the A/C system improves by 35 – 40%
  • A measurable improvement in IT equipment uptime, and
  • Reductions in the A/C maintenance service as the A/C units operate at much lower capacity.

Hot/Cold Aisle Containment Enclosures work by trapping the conditioned air between the racks using either horizontal covering panels or vertical rack-to-ceiling infill sections.
Sliding or bifold doors complete the installation trapping the cold conditioned air inside the Enclosure. Free standing panels infill the gaps in the racks and form removable sections for future installations.
Hot Aisle Enclosures work in reverse capturing the hot exhaust air for return to the in-row cooling systems increasing their efficiency by eliminating the bypass air.

Hundreds of installations in Australia and overseas have clearly demonstrated the benefits in equipment performance and consumption reduction by adopting this program. In California Hot/Cold Aisle Containment is a mandated product for all new computer installations.
Installations using Hot/Cold aisle Containment have achieved significant reductions in their current costs, measurable gains in IT equipment uptime and future proofed their installations against the price increases which are inevitable to come through natural growth and the carbon levy.

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